Moisturizing Soup for Nourishing Yin and Moisturizing Skin

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Moisturizing Soup

Ingredients: Changium Smyrnioides Yam Wolfberry Fruit Seed, Galium Odoratum, Dried Longan Meat

Functions: Nourishes yin, Moisturizes skin, Ingivorates qi, Strengthen heart and spleen, nourishes the kidney yin and liver blood, improves eyesight, nourishes blood and clams the mind.

Suggested Self Puchasing Ingredints: 200g dried fish maw, 227g lean pork

Preparing Method:
1) Blanch the soaked fish maw with ginger and spring onion.
2) Wash the pork and ingredients
3) Soak the soup ingredients in warm water for 20 minutes, rinse and drain
4) Put all ingredients except fish maw into pot with suficient boiling water and boil for 15 mins at high heat
5) Reduce heat to low and brew for 1.5 hours. Add fish maw and brew for 30 mins more.
6) Season with salt and serve

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