Why Buy Overpriced Raw Bird Nest From Retail Shop?

A good reason to stop buying overpriced raw bird nest.

We all know for a fact that a retail shop operations in Singapore is extremely costly due to high overhead cost for shop rental, retail assistant manpower and misc expenses. Some companies also spend a lot of money on TV and news paper ads. This costs could translate to millions of dollars a month. Thus, it is normal for them to mark up their product prices by a HUGE MARGIN in order for their business to be profitable and sustainable. In other words, consumers are paying  a higher price not just for the product / raw bird nest, but for the high business overhead cost.

Did you know the actual cost of raw bird nest could just be half the price of a retail pricing.

For example you may be surprised to find that 100g of golden raw bird nest with only 2.5 fingers width retailing for more than SGD$700. Why not spend your money buying from an online shop with low overhead cost? YOU could be getting 100g of premium 3 finger width royal golden’s nest for only $359.

Our advice: lower priced products doesn’t mean inferior quality, these businesses just want to be fair to consumers and allow bird’s nest  to be more affordable to those who desire to consume it. Make the right choice, buy value for money products.

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