Recipe for Pregnancy Confinement

Best Bird Nest Recipe for Pregnancy Confinement.

In this article, you will learn and understand about why bird nest is beneficial as a pregnancy confinement tonic.

This is a bird’s nest soup recipe for pregnancy confinement that is very easy to prepare: Bird Nest with Ginseng and Rock Sugar.

This dish is suitable for consumption after the 12th day. Bird nest contains soluble amino acids that will help to repair body cells and generate new cells. It also contains antioxidant that helps to eradicate free radicals in the body. Bird nest also contains EGF (epidermal growth factor) which has an anti aging effect as it helps in the birth of cells and tissues. A comprehensive list of the health benefits of bird nest can be found in the next article (opens in a new window).

Pregnant woman who consume bird’s nest during pregnancy will improve their health and benefit the foetus. It is also used as a confinement food tonic to help stimulate appetite and aids in digestion. It also helps the body to repair the tissue and boost immunity.

Adding Ginseng to the bird’s nest soup can also help woman restores strength and energy after giving birth or severe loss of blood during child birth by improving blood circulation. It also helps to promote digestion and improves the mother’s appetite which ensures adequate production of breast milk for the new born child. In addition, ginseng can revitalise the body and aids in the recovery process of the operation by boosting the body’s immunity. (Have a look at the video shown at the beginning of the article and fast forward to 2:33 to avoid consuming ginseng at the wrong phase of pregnancy.)

Ingredients (per bowl):
1 piece of bird nest
3 pieces of ginseng slices
5-6 piece of rock sugar according to personal taste preference

Cooking method:
Refer to the video above and fast forward to 1:04.

Why is confinement period important?

Giving birth to a child causes a lot of stress to a woman’s body. Excessive bleeding, sweating, body pains are some of the common problems. The confinement period has the objective of strengthening the mother’s body to its original health or even better, as well as to restore the uterus back to its original size.

Remember to also purchase bird’s nest from trusted source that sells only pure bird’s nest without any chemical added to it (you would not wish to spend money on a health tonic that harms your body instead of benefitting it). Prices of bird’s nest can also varies from wholesaler to retailer. Purchase it from a bird nest wholesaler directly to save more money.


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