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100% pure Wild Snow Lotus Seeds (Tian Shan Xue Lian) 250g pack

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Snow lotus is a flowering plant in the family of Asteraceae. It is grown at mountain peaks with very cold temperatures in the polar Asia, Europe and North America, its largest habitat diversity at the peak of the Himalayas.
How to prepare:
Soak in water inside the fridge for 5 hours. It will expand. Once expanded, you may use it as an ingredient to brew bird’s nest soup. It is one of the best ingredient to complement the cooking of bird’s nest soup to achieve beautiful and radiant skin for regular consumption.
Using it as a facial care herb:
Soak in water inside the fridge for 5 hours and pour away the water. Keep the seed refrigerated, every night use 2 seed to apply it on the face. Wash your face when you wake up in the morning, repeat for 1 week to see a difference in skin complexion.
The snow lotus seed has many health benefits due to the concentrated amount of nutrients that each seed contains.
Health benefits:
  1. normalize blood pressure
  2. slow down the formation of fats in the body
  3. Eliminate gall bladder stones
  4. To prevent viral disease
  5. Prevent and cure impotence
  6. Increase the stimulant for kidney and bladder
  7. Reduce cholesterol for a healthier heart
  8. Preventing adverse effects from consumption of anti biotic
  9. Aids digestive health
  10. Helps to heal wounds
  11. Treat stomach acid, uric acid and hemorrhoids
  12. Remove spots / scars on the body or face
  13. Control the function of the body dumping аnti
  14. Lower levels of diabetes
  15. Reduce the effects of allergies for children
  16. Improve insomia condition
  17. Reduce the effects of fatigue
  18. Cope with rheumatism and lumbago
  19. Increase the cell metabolism
  20. Normalise blood pressure
  21. Can slow down the aging proces
  22. Reproduce  anti toxin in the body
    and more!

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